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Somxl for treatments of genital warts
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I needed something for sensitive skin, I was so embarrassed to have this. Thank you Somxl.*  Female 25 * Individual results may vary 

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Somxl ® wart formula for all types of warts and specifically designed for sensitive skin areas.

Our  Dual-Action Treatment is formulated to remove warts fast and helps restore your skin.

Somxl ®.The Food & Drug Administration in the United States and the MHRA in the United Kingdom require Over The Counter (OTC) and prescription drugs that are marketed, to have their own National Drug Code  (NDC) issued by the FDA. Somxl's ® code is 70463-725-01

Somxl  ®  with Dual-Action  combines two proven, safe active ingredients.

1. Salicylic acid - A prominent review "Identifies topical therapies with Salicylic acid as safe and   effective(1)   It is also FDA (2) and MHRA approved for warts on the skin.

Importantly you should have clean, clear skin again. Our Dual-Action formula was enhanced with

2. Oxygen - "Increased oxygen levels have been shown to lead to increased healing times and regeneration of the skin" (3,4) 

Somxl  ®  with  Dual-Action is available to use  simply in the privacy of your own home without the side- effects of "freezing" or  "laser  removal"

Finally we formulated Somxl to be gentle for the most sensitive skin areas.

Dual-Action - for clean, clear skin again.

Our Dual-Action  topically applied cream has two active ingredients. We use Salicylic Acid, a highly recommended wart formula. "Salicylic acid is a keratolytic compound which means it dissolves the protein (Keratin), which makes up both the wart and the thick layer of dead skin that often surrounds it(5)

For skin repair we enhanced Somxl  ® with a second active ingredient, Oxygen in the form of Ozone which is 3 Oxygen atoms combined  "Increased oxygen levels has been shown to lead to increased healing times and regeneration of the skin"  (3,4) 

Now Plain Packaged for your privacy

We understand that this can be embarrassing  so our topical cream is used in the privacy of your own home. For your complete privacy we also send  our cream to you in an unbranded plain  package. 

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