Precautions - Your Safety is our first priority, this is a powerful product with two active ingredients, please read the Warnings Individual results may vary. Disclaimer 

We Help Remove Genital Warts from your Skin.

Remember how you felt the day you woke up and discovered you had this problem, how self-conscious you were. You didn't want anybody to know and absolutely didn't want anybody to see you had this ugly skin problem ….. We can help you take control with Somxl. You can wake up tomorrow feeling more confident and more assured that you can begin your life again without suffering from the visual effects of Genital warts.

For Your Privacy

There is no prescription needed. We will deliver directly to your door in a plain unmarked package as we understand your privacy is important and we will respect it. Our cream will not scar and does not burn. Our privacy policy will assure no one will know you are seeking treatment for genital warts.