Precautions - Your Safety is our first priority, this is a powerful product with two active ingredients, please read the Warnings Individual results may vary. Disclaimer 
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About Somxl

Somxl Cream

We wanted there to be a cream that was effective enough to not only help remove Genital Warts from the skin, but also help repair the visual damage caused by the wart removal no matter how stubborn the outbreak was. So we started with the world's most recognized active ingredient for removing warts, Salicylic acid

"One review of 52 clinical trials of various cutaneous wart treatments concluded that topical treatments containing salicylic acid were the best supported with an average rate of 75% success" (1)

To be absolutely sure the cream could help deal with the problem it was fighting we added a second powerful active ingredient Ozone, which is said to be

"naturally produced by white blood cells and other biological systems as a means of destroying foreign bodies" (2)

Finally this cream is easy to apply and does not burn. In the end your Somxl is designed to help you get a more natural looking skin in a short amount of time.

Accelerator Cream

Somxl starts working from Day 1 to help start the removal process of existing warts and helps to stop the growth of new warts trying to break through the skin. You will begin to see the future you want as the warts begin to shrink leaving your skin more clear of warts with a more natural look and feel. 

How fast this happens will depend on you and how fast your skin heals. Your skin can take from 1 – 6 weeks to repair, everyone is different. Now you can help speed up the time your skin takes to heal with our new Accelerator Cream. The Accelerator Cream is designed to help the healing power of the Ozone in our Somxl cream. It helps it get to where it needs to be faster. The Accelerator Cream helps remove the genital warts from their skin faster. The faster it’s gone the sooner you can move on without the visual embarrassment of the condition


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